Welcome To The "808"



This is the house…
With steps where we’ve sat waiting for our friends,
Having firesides and being serenaded,
With a door that we hold open for each other.
This frame has held the laughter, growth, and friendship of so many girls over the years.

This is the house…
The place we come to when we say we are “going home”. Where strangers have become friends and friends have become sisters and sisters have become bridesmaids.

This is the house…
Day by day, this building, standing unmoved, houses our emotions, our living and our sisterhood.
It has seen us all change, it has seen us all comprise, it has seen us all look to each other for security and trust.
But this house itself has remained unchanged.

This is the house…
Our lives have been molded, torn, and rebuilt in this house. It is here that I have found my mentor, my confidant, my heart, my voice, my sisters, and myself.
And if ever I think that friendship is futile, I will think of my sisters and know that friendship is all that matters.
Futility is just a guess…a despair…but sisterhood is everything, and worth all of the risks.

This is the house…
It will see us all leave someday, it will see the floors swept and the doors barred.
And inside it, girls will breathe in sobs and say goodbye…
Hoping that it will be only a short time until they see each other again,
But for some… secretly knowing that it could be a matter of years – if even then.
But this will always be the house.
The place where all my journeys begin and end.


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